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I offer a wide range of training in various subjects. Training offered is available for various skill levels and can be customized to fit the purpose of your organization and or skill levels of the people attending.

Training can be offered on-site or remote.

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Training on Source Control will offer insight on why you want Source Control for your Data project, What types of Source control there are and which one is best to use in what scenario.

Within Source Control I will explain how Source Control works with hands-on scenario’s, demo’s and excercises to follow.

Furthermore this training will offer a journey in how Data developers should change their mindset and way of working in order to get the best out of Source Control and optimize the day of a developers life.

This Training also includes Data project structure guidance and the various options you have on what elements of your Data project should be in Source Control and what elements should be generated.

Lastly the training will discuss what platforms are suitable to host your Source Control in and what pros and cons should be taken into consideration

Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery | Deployment (CI/CD) is the bread and butter of Quality Assurance and Quality control for Data projects. It is the method for standardizing your Data workflow and orchestrating your Data project from feature to deployment.

But how to you setup your pipelines, what components should we work with, what type of deployment should we offer for this project, how should we adapt our way of working for developers and how should we setup our various OTAP streets and dev environments to supply the best experience for developers?

This training will offer all there is to setting up pipelines for your Data projects. This training is primarily aimed at developers, testers and system engineers who will setup and maintain the CI/CD practices. However Managers and Business Analists can also benefit to adapt to the new mindset which comes with working under CI/CD.

DevOps is more than just Source Control and CI/CD. In this training I explain what else is DevOps and how you can leverage the best of DevOps to optimize the time to market from a business idea to a working feature inside your data project.

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