Homemade Tools

In my time as a Developer and Consultant I have written various solutions to Apply CI/CD for Data projects and to maintain Azure DevOps. Some of these solutions had such a generic and broad use-case that I wanted to share them with other people and companies. As such I have improved them in my spare time and made them publicly available.

The tools featured here were created to solve one or more issues I faced during projects. The tools featured here have all been used in one or more projects which I have taken part and have proven their worth.

The tools here are open source because I believe in sharing my knowledge. The tools featured on this page will help you make your Data DevOps Journey easier. The tools come with extensive documentation. Each tool has its own GutHub repository and ofcourse a CI/CD pipeline (practice what you preach).

If you would like to gain the most benefit of using these tools please look at the services I offer and contact me if you need more assistance

When I release new tools check back here or follow me on GitHub


A Powerfull Powershell module to Convert Classical GUI-Based Pipelines to YAML Pipelines (Pipelines as Code) on Azure DevOps


With This module I wrote it is possible to single-handedly convert (parts of) classical pipelines and or (nested) Task Groups to a *.YML file for use as pipeline as code on Azure DevOps. 

This functionality is not available in Azure DevOps itself and will save companies a lot of time starting to use YAML Pipelines if you have invested a lot previously in TFS and or Task Groups.


  • Triggers
  • Schedules
  • Variables
  • Agent Pools
  • Jobs
  • Steps
  • Task Groups (collapsed as template or expanded as steps)

View technical documentation and usage:

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Download directly from Powershell Galery:

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A Powershell module which wraps commands and executables for deploying MSSQL Databases by DacPac in situations where no native task is available


Sometimes when using more exclusive non-native tooling for CI/CD you might yourself in a place where no native task is avalaible for Building and Deploying MS SQL Database projects (SSDT / DacPac).

With this wrapper I am providing a solution in the form of Powershell which often has a native task option in your CI/CD tool of choice. 

This tool makes it possible to apply CI/CD for MS SQL Databases in almost every tool possible.

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