Is your Data project truly Continuous?

A lot of Data projects tend to have issues with truly being agile…

They often struggle in deploying to production in a high speed fashion and without issues. They struggle with releasing their product in an agile fashion i.e. difficulties on singling out specific features, making last minute changes to features and removing particular features when the business decides to pre- or postpone particular features. Most projects have troubles making these kind of minute changes without impacting the greater good or without causing huge delays in the release process.

Also when Data projects are deployed to production it can lead to struggles in the deployment process. Either they fail to deploy to production because of drift, because of differences in environments or because features were not tested properly. After deployment it often happens that developers need to spend a lot of time hotfixing production because of unexpected behavior in comparisson of the development machines it was tested on.

This can lead to unhealthy behavior like skipping processes to get things right, releasing untested hotfixes and more. This in its own turn can become a downward spiral where more failures occur which lead to more downtime, strain on development resources etc.

If any of this sounds even remotely familiar I can help you to speed up your processes, increase quality of deployments and become more agile by optimizing your data development and delivery processes.

By applying DevOps methodologies, CI/CD and standardization for your infrastructure it is possible to achieve true Continuous Data!

I do this by combining my deep knowledge of Datawarehousing / Business Intelligence projects, working as a developer inside these projects, my broad understanding / hands-on experience working with and implementing DevOps tools, creating and maintaining pipelines to Build and Deploy Data projects and standardizing development infrastructure with infrastructure as code (IaC).

My Experience in knowing what can go wrong during development and deployment of Data projects helps me in order to prevent failures and to support developers in achieving a higher standard of development, improve agility in the development process and increase the overall quality of the data project.

My philosophy is to fail fast and fail often and make sure bugs are found as soon as possible and before they end up in production. Furthermore I am all about standardizing the way of working by using source control, CI/CD, IaC and devops tools to prevent database drift, making sure testing happens in a standardized way, on reliable production-like environments and by optimizing the way developers approach their working day and development of features.

My approach in this is creating a standardized way of working, delivering a maintable DevOps solution and to improve the skills of your employees so they can be self-sufficient and achieve a new level of proficiency.

I offer Advice, maturity scans, quick-starts, Training, Tools and complete projects to start with or improve your DevOps journey!

Achieving Continuous Data

If you are in need of

  • Speeding up your data project

  • Optimizing your data deployments

  • Achieve Continuous Delivery / Deployments

  • Improve your governance and quality assurance

  • Increase efficiency of your development teams

  • Improve knowledge on Source Control, DevOps and CI/CD for your developers

Let me help your business!

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