I strive to optimize your data workflow!

I created Continuous Data to make techniques like CI/CD more common ground within the Data field of work.

A lot of Data projects struggle with truly being agile and deploying without many hours lost fixing issues after deployment.

While CI/CD is a common technique in most ‘regular’ software projects it is often not used (or not optimized) within data projects.

Doing CI/CD and DevOps within data projects has its quirks and requires a different approach then regular CI/CD.

With Continuous Data I combine my deep knowledge working in data projects with the field of CI/CD. I have been working actively in this combination of skills since 2014.

Who is Continuous Data?

Tobi Steenbakkers
Tobi SteenbakkersSenior Data DevOps Engineer
I have over 10 years of experience in Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing.

I love to automate everything I do and as such I dove into the world of DevOps.

My goal is to make DevOps & CI/CD more common within data projects and as such I love to share my knowledge by giving workshops and train other people to improve companies and their development and deployment processes.

My goal is to make myself obsolete within a company and leave every customer as an improved version of themselves!


My Skills

T-SQL – 100/100
MS SQL Server – 100/100
SSIS, SSAS, SSRS, Power BI – 80/100
Data Vault Modelling – 80/100
Star Modelling – 75/100
Azure Cloud Platform – 30/100
Azure DevOps (Prev. VSTS) – 100/100
TFS – 100/100
Jenkins – 50/100
Source Control (Git, TFVC) – 90/100
PowerShell – 90/100
Python – 30/100
Containers (Docker, K8s) – 30/100
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